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Builders who build with SIPs realize true savings and can deliver a superior product to clients. Dimensional stick frame construction is no match for the faster, stronger, and greener structures created with SIPs.


At West-Eco, we have decades of experience working with builders and contractors to deliver high quality, high performance projects that exceed expectations. With supply partner Premier SIPs, we offer an exceptional product that is tailored to sustainability and showcasing true craftsmanship. Builders can deliver healthier, more comfortable, and extremely durable buildings for clients, while cementing their own reputation as an innovator and provider of quality.

Structural insulated panels are a proven framing method that continues to meet and exceed the demands faced by builders today.

Stand Apart When You Build With SIPs

SIPs are a start to differentiating your business from competitors by offering a superior product, no matter what kind of project you’re building.

Builders are experiencing changing demands in the construction industry. With increasingly stringent building codes and customers demanding more innovation and customization from their builds, the pressure is on to stand out from the status quo. When choosing SIPs for your next project, you are ensuring the highest level of innovation and customization for your customers.

West-Eco can help your next project be a key differentiator for your business, and build your reputation as a builder that is better, greener, and future-focused.


Make The Switch To High Performance

Today’s most innovative builders are choosing to build with SIPs, and these are just some of the reasons why.

Less than Lumber: Overall project cost of SIPs over 2×6 stick framed lumber construction is up to 30% less.

Straighter: With the predictability of an engineered straight product, you won’t deal with imperfections and the bowing of lumber. Finished walls are straight, which saves on drywall installation, painting, and other finishing work.

Fast Installation: Large, pre-cut structural panels allow building envelope to be erected 50% faster, with no need for separate on-site framing and insulation work, enabling you to finish your project faster.

Economical to Operate: The tight building envelope reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 60%, offering significant savings on operating costs as well as greatly reduced mechanical equipment needs.

Cost Comparison

Builders can see superior cost savings by choosing to build with SIPs for walls, roofs, and even floors in their projects.

Benefit Premier SIPS Structure (Roofs, Walls & Floors)
Overall Labor Savings Pre-cut panels arrive at the jobsite ready to install and can save up to 60% on combined labor on overall framing, trim/millwork, window, door, and flooring installations.
HVAC System Reduction Upto 40% smaller HVAC system
Jobsite Waste Savings Up to 60% less jobsite framing lumber waste
Reduced Callbacks Stronger, straighter roofs, walls, and floors that don’t bow, warp or bend, and reduce builder callbacks by up to 50%
Framing Material Costs Pre-cut and pre-insulated panels arrive at the jobsite. The material cost for Premier SIPS, compared to traditional stick frame lumber and insulation packages, it only about 5% higher in raw good costs.
Owner Utility Savings Up to 60% savings on energy bills for your customers. Definitely a selling point!
Bottom Line SIPs are the superior roof, wall, and floor framing product, and are extremely competitive to a builder's overall budget.

Explore Our Completed SIPs Projects

View our projects to see our structurally insulated panels in use and our gallery of SIPs applications. From residential builds to commercial builds, our SIPs are ideal for constructing high-performance building envelopes.

Resource Guides

Take a look through our various brochures to learn more about SIPs, their functionality, and how to effectively build with them.