About West-Eco SIPs

West-Eco combines many years of in-house pre-panelized building component consulting, design, project management and assembly experience with North America’s largest and most recognizable SIP manufacturer, Premier Building Systems.



West-Eco SIPs is a full service company that provides clients in Western Canada with energy efficient and green building solutions utilizing structural insulated panels. We offer a variety of services and construction solutions for residential and commercial construction projects.

When you choose West-Eco SIPs, you are guaranteeing that your project will be built with an innovative quality product, and that you’ll be working with a team of experts in all aspects of panelized and high performance building.


What We Do

  • Project Consultation

    Providing a high-performance, precision-engineered, panelized systems is something we are proud. We take it a step further by offering education, pre-design expertise, and on-site training.

  • Supply

    We supply and manufacture the entire building envelope for projects of all sizes and designs. Our team will arrange transportation to your site.

  • Expertise

    Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers to ensure that the framing portion of any project using SIPs goes smoothly.

Our History and Experience

Sole owner of West-Eco, Duane Svendson, brings many years of hands-on experience working within the building industry.

The West-Eco team has knowledge of all facets of the design, construction, and manufacturing process of the panelized building system industry. We have worked with developers, architects, and general contractors throughout Canada, the US, and around the world to successfully complete countless projects ranging from cottages to large commercial projects.

With a true love for wood, the forest, and construction, Duane was originally led into the construction industry through the world of log home building, where he first learned about the true concept of pre-building and pre-built structures.

The concept of a product (SIPs) and service that would lend itself to log home construction quickly became very interesting to Duane. He soon began to use structural insulated panels along with his log structures in his own projects.

Duane now oversees every aspect of West-Eco SIPs and works with each team member daily to insure that your project is being handled in the best manner possible.

Community Commitment

Community commitment is very important to all of us at West-Eco SIPs and we pride ourselves on supporting foundations and associations throughout the communities that we work and live in. Through education programs, we have provided countless hours of instruction and onsite experience to individuals entering the construction industry.

West-Eco SIPs has had the pleasure of educating students from various college and university programs throughout BC. These range from first-year carpentry apprentices and architectural and building science students, to electrical & plumbing apprentices and journeymen carpenters.

We believe that by providing learning opportunities to students of trades and technical programs, those students will take the knowledge and understanding of advanced building systems into our communities to apply their skills locally.

Proud Supplier of Premier SIPs in Western Canada


Premier SIPs is the largest SIPs manufacturer in North America has been at the forefront of SIPs innovation and development for over 50 years. Thousands of structures built with Premier SIPs have been standing strong and efficient for decades, and with many more years to come.

West-Eco provides clients in Western Canada with Premier’s high-performance, precision-engineered panelized roof, wall, and floor framing systems. The established history of the product’s quality, combined with the expertise and dedication of our team, makes for the ideal solution for your high performance building needs.

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