Commercial Applications

SIP framed structures offer the commercial construction industry a world of options. SIPs have a proven portfolio of projects throughout virtually any construction segment.

  • Reliable

    The predictable nature of each SIP panel ensures that your structure is reliably built for the long-term.

  • Sustainable

    Use less energy with an inherently sustainable airtight and well-insulated building system

  • Healthier

    SIPs’ air tightness enables you to have a healthier, more controlled indoor environment.

SIPs For Your Commercial Build

We know that commercial projects can have a variety of unique needs. Our West-Eco team is experienced in meeting these needs and exceeding your expectations of quality and service.



Structural insulated panels provide a versatile high performance building option for your commercial project. SIPs can be utilized for virtually any design or business type, so you can expect to build a structure that is comfortable, healthy, and more inexpensive to run.

Whether you are building a school, hospital, restaurant, multi-family housing, or any other commercial structure, West-Eco and SIPs can accommodate it.

Sustainable Building Solutions

SIP commercial systems create more energy efficient structures that are better for both the environment and those who use them.


Healthier: Tighter, well ventilated SIPs structures provide better indoor air quality for building owners and occupants – a critical component in education and healthcare projects.

Controlled, Comfortable Environments: Indoor temperatures and humidity can be more easily controlled in a SIPs structure, leading to an overall more comfortable space for clients, employees, and residents alike.

Stable R-Value: Unlike other SIPs insulations, the R-Value of our EPS insulating core will remain stable over the entire product life.

Net Zero Ready: Efficient SIP building envelopes are a regular part of net zero energy projects. They are are an ideal choice for builders seeking green credentialing and to meet standards like the BC Step Code.

Reduce Commercial Project Costs With SIPs

Reduce both short- and long-term costs across the board by choosing SIPs for your next commercial project.

  • Less Than Lumber

    Overall project cost of SIPs is up to 30% less than 2×6 stick framed lumber.

  • Straighter

    Finished walls are straight every time, saving on time doing finishing work and installing doors & windows.

  • Faster Installation

    Large, pre-cut structural panels allow building envelope to be erected 50% faster

  • Economical

    The tight building envelope reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 60%, offering significant savings on operating costs.

Resource Guides

Take a look through our various brochures to learn more about SIPs, their functionality, and how to effectively build with them.

Explore Our Commercial Projects

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