How climate affects building performance British Columbia is one of the most climatically diverse regions in Canada. It’s also one of the leading provinces to adopt a step-code approach with progressive sustainability measures. High performance building systems really have an impact in places that experience these drastic temperatures, because a “high performing” building is essentially […]

This featured guest article written by Premier SIPs, the largest SIPs manufacturer in North America, delves into the realm of cost efficiency that builders can enjoy by opting for SIPs in their construction projects. Dive in to discover a wealth of insights concerning the fiscal advantages inherent in utilizing structural insulated panels for walls. As […]

Changing Step Code Needs With changing energy demands in Canada, custom homes have paved the way for leading progressive sustainability measures. As of May 1st in BC, all Part Three buildings will also need to meet improved energy efficiency demands by over 10%. While this change may seem minor, these small changes to construction standards […]

Changes To The Construction Industry Builders and designers are starting to catch onto the perks of building with SIPs. Going into the busy summer months of construction ramping up, the industry increasingly faces a number of challenges this year. With BC step codes implementing the third step of their tiered update, builders have been adapting […]

History of SIP’s It’s often forgotten that the technology for Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) have been around for almost a century. The first SIPs in North America were used as a prototype for test homes for the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin. Originally designed and put to the test by famed architect, Frank Lloyd […]

Codes Playing Catch Up e’s been a lot of talk of building codes stepping up energy demands, to reduce the impact the construction industry has on greenhouse emissions. Slowly, we are starting to see communities catching up to innovations in sustainability. The mandate is that by 2032, all new buildings in BC will be required […]