Residential Applications

For homebuilders and designers, SIPs are the ideal choice to make residential projects come to life in the most innovative and efficient way.

  • Straighter

    Consistent SIPs panels make for a straight, consistent, and reliable structure every time.

  • Healthier

    Large panels with far fewer joints than stick framed construction mean fewer pollutants are able to enter the walls.

  •  High Performance

    Energy efficiency to the highest standard – SIPs create high performance building envelopes that stand the test of time.

Using SIPs For Residential Projects

Our team has decades of expertise implementing SIPs in residential projects that can showcase any design and withstand virtually all environments.


Structurally Superior: SIPs are up to 20-30% stronger than dimensional lumber, with structural characteristics similar to that of a steel l-beam.

Faster Construction Time: SIP panels come precut from the factory per your custom plans, and SIPs are installed in days rather than weeks. Therefore, a SIPs house can be dried in and ready for siding/roofing much faster than traditionally framed homes.

Sound Investment: Appraisers now recognize advanced building materials and sustainable features in home values.

Strong Warranty: Have the advantage and peace of mind with a sound warranty (you won’t see this with stick framed lumber).

Greener Residential Building

The key to more sustainable construction starts with the building envelope. Builders who want to build greener start with SIPs.


Lower Heating/Cooling Costs: SIPs can cut heating and cooling costs up to 50%, saving energy and money in the long-run.

Healthier Home Environments: The tightness of the SIP building envelope prevents air from gaining access to the interior except in controlled amounts. A controlled indoor environment is both healthy and comfortable, and leads to improved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Environmental Sustainability: Made from fast growing trees and 100% recyclable EPS foam, SIPs from West-Eco can reduce the burden on our natural resources and reduce green house gas emissions.

Reduce Residential Project Costs With SIPs

SIPs homes not only stand stronger, straighter, and greener than those homes framed with traditional methods, but their project costs are significantly less.

  • Less Than Lumber

    Overall project cost of SIPs is up to 30% less than 2×6 stick framed lumber.

  • Straighter

    Finished walls are straight every time, saving on time doing finishing work and installing doors & windows.

  • Faster Installation

    Large, pre-cut structural panels allow building envelope to be erected 50% faster.

  • Economical

    The tight building envelope reduces ongoing operating costs like cooling and heating.

Resource Guides

Take a look through our various brochures to learn more about SIPs, their functionality, and how to effectively build with them.

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