Homeowners reap the long-term benefits of a sustainable home when they build with SIPs.



When considering energy-efficient framing options, our SIPs allow you to save time, energy, environmental resources, and money. All while offering one of the high performance building envelopes available. Using the right materials in your home can help preserve the environment and save you money in the long run.


Choosing To Build With SIPs

SIPs can allow you to build a more energy-efficient home. Home builders are turning to SIPs as a go to resource when building high performance building envelopes.


An energy-efficient space starts with a tight, well-insulated building envelope. SIPs can be used to build any style of home. Builders use SIPs to achieve positive environmental impacts for their clients.

Using a non-toxic, naturally mined mineral, the InsulFoam EPS insulation used in SIPs has been proven to inhibit the growth of three types of common building molds and through extensive research and testing, InsulFoam has developed an effective, non-toxic additive that will deter insects in the InsulFoam EPS core. Additional topical treatments are available to assist in water proofing efforts for wet climates.


Savings & Environmental Sustainability with SIPs

SIPs offer a construction system that can reduce both the construction cost and the operating cost of affordable housing, while maintaining a high-degree of occupant comfort.



Reduced Heating/Cooling Costs: SIPs can reduce heating and cooling costs by almost 50 percent.

Healthier Home Environments: Tighter and better-insulated homes keep out pollutants and allows for the air quality to be regulated.

Sound Investment: Appraisers now recognize advanced building materials and sustainable features in home values.


Explore Our Completed SIPs Projects

View our projects to see our structurally insulated panels in use and our gallery of SIPs applications. From residential builds to commercial builds, our SIPs are perfect for building high-performance building envelopes. See how you can use SIPs with all your building projects.

A Note To Homeowners

We are excited to hear that you’re looking to build with SIPs. If you are a homeowner interested in having your home built with our structurally insulated panels, please have your architect or builder reach out. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding SIPs and how you can build your dream home with them.